From 9 days to forever

From 9 days to forever

Meet Hennnie and Andrea Reyneke.

The Reynekes from Mbombela (Nelspruit) in the Lowveld had met through a mutual friend who was going through a breakup at the time. Hennie, being a part time DJ and Andrea a full-time music lover, they befittingly enough declared their love for one another on a dance floor. Ever since that fateful day a year and a half ago Hennie and Andrea knew that they were meant for one another. Jokingly, Andrea one day said to Hennie: “Why don’t we just elope and get married.”

This joke turned into a serious reality as neither of them had ever really wanted a traditional big fancy wedding. After the couple went to both sets of parents to get their consent, things turned into a runaway car very quickly. In a record breaking 9 days the wedding was arranged and they said “I do” to one another, celebrating their love and sealing the deal of a lifetime with a beautiful Gems & Stuff ring on the finger. 12 Close friends and family were there to witness this beautiful love story.

Asking the couple – who started out as great friends, found chemistry for one another and are now husband and wife – if they would have wanted it any other way, the answer is a definite no - “This is love, this is reality and we are living it…”

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