About Us

About Us


What we are all about

The team at Gems and Stuff specialize in Moissanite & semi-precious gemstone Jewellery. 

We are an online retailer based in Cape Town. This means we do not have a physical retail store, but we do offer free shipping nationwide.

The beauty of technology allows you as a customer to shop anytime at any place best of all at your convenience. This means no long queues or disappointment of not making the trading hours. With Gems and Stuff, you get to shop when you want and wherever you want!

This is how it works: Spend your time as our VIP guest on this website, select your jewellery and once you’ve made your choice follow our easy online payment system to click through the process. In no time your package will be delivered to your door free of charge!


 How We Make a Difference to Our Planet

The team at Gems and Stuff have pledged to make our business sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Therefore, several of our precious gemstones are created in a laboratory. Lab created gemstones are chemically and optically identical to those mined underground but come without the harsh environmental stresses that come with commercial mining. Lab created gemstones have fewer flaws and cost less too. There is absolutely no reason not to get behind this latest trend that supports sustainability for both the environment and your pocket too!

Our Quality Promise to You

Another fantastic secret behind Gems and Stuff as your Jeweller of choice is that the pricing of our pieces is in your favour.

With that said the clean, simple yet elegant design of each piece of Jewellery spells out quality of the highest degree.

The diverse range of stones are set in 925 sterling silver that has been rhodium treated.

Each piece of Jewellery is carefully designed keeping in mind the diversity of tastes, looks and personalities of each individual and the best way to enhance these features.

Sterling silver as a choice for Jewellery is timeless and elegant yet also fit for everyday use.

The sterling silver has been rhodium treated which gives your piece of Jewellery extra shine, lustre, durability, and the Rhodium makes Jewellery scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic too.

From the first day of wearing your Gems and Stuff Jewellery the compliments you are guaranteed to receive make our pieces excellent value for money.