Jalani & Stephan: The Covid-Conquerors

Jalani & Stephan: The Covid-Conquerors

Jalani’s mother knew just what she was doing when she introduced Jalani and Stephan.  They have known each other for five years and have been together for three.  And although delayed, not even Covid could stop this couple from having their perfect proposal.

When Stephan approached Gems & Stuff to create Jalani’s perfect engagement ring in early December 2019, the old chap would have never guessed that it would take a full eight months before he could ultimately pop the big question. As soon as the travel restrictions were lifted, we could not wait to send the ring to the Limpopo-lovers.  And the moment Stephan received it, he was absolutely itching to propose to the love of his life on a romantic trip in May. 

After their, later cancelled, trip in May and another Covid-robbed-road trip, Stephan was understandably disappointed and frustrated.  The ultimate ‘light at the end of the lockdown tunnel’ was a surprise hunting trip, a dusty bottle of 90s champagne, and two mismatched glasses.  Mid-July 2020 in the dull bushveld, Stephan went down on one knee under the greenest tree he could possibly find to, finally, ask Jalani to be his wife. 

We wish this exceptional couple many happy years together.  And, if we may offer some words of advice to Jalani: Do not ask Stephan to plan anything. Ever.  Heaven knows, the poor man deserves it. 

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