Valery & Collin: Sun-crossed Lovers

Valery & Collin: Sun-crossed Lovers

Valery and Collin met each other at Sun City, where they both work.  And they instantly became…friends.  Luckily, it soon blossomed into something more magical. 

After being together for just over two years, Collin was confident that he wants to spend the rest of his life with the lovely Valery.  He arranged a special treasure hunt, which Valery had to complete to find her hubby-to-be and the beautiful ring Collin designed for her.  To be quite honest, when listening to their story, it seems like Collin spent more than two years planning how he was going to pop the question. 

This became very clear when Collin approached Gems & Stuff to create Valery’s engagement ring.   And a lot of time was spent to ensure that we not only create the ring she wants, but even more so, the one she deserves. 

Although Valery and Collin were intended to only be colleagues, they were always meant to be husband and wife.  It was incredible to be part of their journey and we are so excited for this wonderful couple to say their ‘I do’s’ and spend the rest of their lives side-by-side. 

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